5 Best Cat Toys

Keep Your Cat Thrilled with this Popular Variety

With the wide selection of cat toys on the market today, it may be overwhelming to find the one that is just perfect for Miss Whiskers.

The best cat toys are the ones that your cat loves to play with and can keep her occupied for hours. If you have a younger cat who's very active, consider enrolling in a personalized toy and treat subscription, such as Meowbox, which customizes the selections for your cat and sends them on a month-to-month, three-month or six-month plan.

Here, we explore some of the available toy options that you can find in stores and online.

At-Home Finds
  • At-Home Finds
  • Catnip Crazies
  • Feathered (and Noisy) Mice
  • Interactive (Dangling) Toys
  • Scratchy Boxes

1. At-Home Finds

Some of the best cat toys can be items you have readily available at home, such as a ball of paper, a crinkled ball of aluminum foil, a golf tee or a plastic milk carton ring. Cats also love to attack paper bags and shipping boxes, often jumping inside, then sitting inside the new toy in triumph.