5 Best Apps for Pet Owners

5 Best Apps for Pet Owners

Techy Must-Haves Can Enhance Daily Life

There’s an app for everything these days — including a plethora for people with pets.

Thanks to the streamlined design of most current apps, you don’t have to be technically savvy to know how to download and use them on your smartphones or tablets.

Here are five of the best apps for pet owners that are bound to make life with pets more engaging, satisfying and less complicated.


1. Vitus Vet

With VitusVet, you can access your pet’s medical records any time, anywhere. It could be a lifesaver in an emergency—instead of trying to remember the name of that medication your pet is allergic to, you can simply look it up on the app.

Plus, Nationwide pet insurance members can use the VitusVet app to submit claims and share medical records straight from their smartphones. It’s fast, easy and free!

Download the VitusVet app for free from the App Store or Google Play.


2. iCam

Considered one of the cheapest and easier ways to remotely monitor your pet’s activities while you’re away from home, iCam turns your home computer’s Webcam into a surveillance camera that can then be viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

iCam is compatible with USB, FireWire, and Built-In Webcams in addition to network IP cameras that support JPEG or MJPEG (Motion-JPEG) video streaming. If you need multiple camera sources inside and outside of your home, you can purchase additional standalone IP Webcams that connect to your Wi-Fi network and then stream to your smartphone or tablet. 

You’ll need to install iCam on your computer and download the iCam app to your iPhone or Android. The app costs $4.99.


3. MapMyDogWalk

Burn calories with your dog while using this resourceful app. Using your phone’s GPS, it logs your walks (time, distance, pace, speed), tracks calories and, as noted, interactively maps your walks.

You can also log workouts and nutrition, geo-tag photos along your route and connect with friends.

This app is free.


4. Whistle

Formerly known as “Tagg,” the Whistle Pet Tracker app pairs with a Whistle GPS Pet Tracker attached to your pet’s collar so you can quickly locate your companion should he become lost. You can also monitor your pet’s health and activity, and set up reminders about feeding or vet appointments. All info can be shared with family, friends and caretakers when you add them to the app account.

The app will notify you if your pet roams from its “Whistle zone,” an area within and around your home that you determine — or if something notable changes in his behavior.

The app is free; the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker costs $79.95. 


5. BringFido

If you like to hit the road with pets, this app will make planning trips easier. BringFido allows you to find pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches, trails, dog events and more.

You can also book your hotel, look up pet policies, and use filters to find the hotels that would best accommodate your dog. The app is free.