10 Hottest Gadgets for Pet Owners

Practical, Fun and Innovative

Whether you're tech-savvy or you roll old school with indifference to modern gizmos, there's something for everyone on this list of hottest gadgets for pet owners.

From inexpensive and practical to innovative and more costly, these gadgets are geared to enhance the quality of life with your pets. Check out what pet owners are buying today.

GPS Pet Tracker Collar
  • GPS Pet Tracker Collar
  • Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs
  • Tangle-Free Dual Dog Leash
  • Sony ActionCam
  • FroliCat BOLT
  • PetCube
  • Whistle GPS Pet Tracker
  • Pet Door
  • Pet Smartfeeder
  • The Nest Cam

1. GPS Pet Tracker Collar

Worried that you might have an escape artist on your hands? The Tagg pet tracker fits onto your pet’s existing collar and helps you track him down using GPS coordinates that you locate on your mobile device using the Tagg app. Bonus: The Tagg pet tracker can also send you — and four other people — an alert should your four-legged companion make a break for it.