Family Pet Safety 101

7 Easy Steps Will Have You Prepared

Our family pets rely on us to make sure they’re safe at all times. Whether that means protecting them during a natural disaster, a house fire or when a door or gate is accidentally left open, there are a few simple steps you can take ahead of time to be prepared.

Get your children involved in these steps so they’re also prepared in case of an emergency.

Nationwide pet insurance offers tips for families with pets, with advice for teaching children how to help groom, exercise, and ensure home and food safety for pets.

Pet Collars and ID Tags
  • Pet Collars and ID Tags
  • Microchipping Pets
  • Have a Pet First Aid Kit On Hand
  • Pack an Emergency Go-Kit
  • Know Your Pet's Hiding Space
  • Alert Firefighters to Indoor Pets
  • Secure Your Pet During Danger

1. Pet Collars and ID Tags

Maximize the ability to be reunited with pets: make sure your pet wears a durable collar with up-to-date contact information on identification tags. Purchasing a collar and tags can be a fun family outing: Take your children with you to a local pet store and let them help you select the perfect pet collar and ID tag design. There is a special quick-release collar made for dogs and cats; in case of an outdoor escape (or an incident indoors), the collar will snap open under pressure in the event your pet becomes entangled around the neck.