5 Ways to Show Pets Appreciation

5 Ways to Show Pets Appreciation

Simple Ideas for Dog and Cat Owners

Yep, even pets get an appreciation day on the calendar. Pet Appreciation Week begins June 5th. If you’re wondering how you can go out of your way to do something to show your dog or cat that you really do appreciate all the licks, shedding, wagging tails and unconditional love, here are a few ideas.

1.  Cool Gadgets for Pets

Not just any toy for your dog or cat: a cool gadget. A modern, interactive toy that will make your pet the envy of all other pets in the ‘hood.


For cats, the interactive Premier Pet Bolt Automatic Laser Cat Toy. This hands-free laser toy will entertain cats (or dogs) with its random laser pattern. It’s also an affordable gadget, usually retailing online for under $20. The Premier Pet Bolt Autopmatic Laser Cat Toy has an automatic timer that shuts off after 15 minutes of usage. Premier Pet also sells other high-tech cat toys.

For dogs, the GoBone. This app-controlled “smart” toy is designed to keep your pooch preoccupied while you're away. The GoBone can be programmed to play with your dog, making it suitable for different age ranges, sizes and breeds. FDA-approved, pet-safe and machine washable, the GoBone can be loaded with treats and operates for up to eight hours with the ability to “sleep” and “wake” in order to give your dog some down time.

cat bed appreciation

2. Upgrade Sleeping Quarters

Have you replaced your pet’s bed within the past few years? There are a plethora of pet beds from which to choose, some geared for dogs and cats that like to burrow and snuggle to those who need a little more orthopedic support (memory foam!).

Online options are your gateway to getting a great deal on a high quality bed for your dog or cat. Discount Web sites like Overstock.com and Wayfair sell everything from bolster beds, plush beds, orthopedic beds and cots at significantly reduced prices. Warehouses like Costco and Sam’s Club also offer quality pet beds at lower prices.

3. Edible Treat or Treat Box

CookieDough appreciation

Have the time to whip up preservative-free, healthy treats for your dog or cat? These easy recipes for pets include step-by-step instructions that will produce savory, satisfying treats that’ll have your pet licking his chops. Our most popular recipe, Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Cookies, boasts the healthy benefits of pumpkin and peanut butter. We also have a tuna treat for cats.

If you’re unable to dredge up your inner Betty Crocker, how about treating your pet to a monthly subscription of treats and toys? Companies such as PetBox deliver a monthly box of dog goodies including all-natural treats and chews along with unique toys directly to your door. Dog owners can opt for a single delivery or sign up for a reduced-price monthly delivery. Cancellations accepted at any time.

Cat owners can opt for a personalized, monthly delivery from meowbox, which includes unique, high quality selections. Select a three month or six month subscription plans; cancel at any time.

dog beach appreciation

4. Excursion or Play Date

A trip to the dog park, dog beach or doggy daycare with a spa treatment (blueberry facial, Fido?) would be a nice way to show your dog how much you appreciate him. Another option: a play date with a longtime pooch companion, whether it’s at home (perhaps for the older dogs) or a meet-up at the park.

Most cats would object to a trip to the beach; however, maybe your cat has a feline friend or a litter mate with whom you’ve kept in touch that she likes to visit with every so often.

5. Quality Time

belly rubs appreciation

Nothing beats quality one-on-one time between pets and their people. Schedule some cuddle time on the couch, long belly rubs or a soothing brush/grooming session for your pet’s fur coat outside.