Stress-Free Visits to the Vet

Stress-Free Visits to the Vet

Make Veterinary Experiences Better For You And Your Pet

For some, a visit to the veterinarian begins with a game of tug-of-war at the clinic’s front door. Your pet knows exactly where he is, and remembers the last visit—the probing and prodding, the smell of fear in the air and the whimpering sounds coming from behind closed doors. It’s no wonder you find yourself coaxing your pet to go inside, right?

Familiarize Pets At An Early Age

Visiting your veterinarian doesn’t have to be so frustrating. Minimize your pet’s stress by taking proactive measures, especially while your pet is still young.

Familiarize your pet with being handled. Frequently touch his paws, toes and ears. Open his mouth, rub his gums. Reinforce cooperation with affection and training treats.

Comfort Goes A Long Way

Is the pet carrier beginning to feel like prison to your pet? Create an inviting environment: add a towel or blanket, a couple of toys and a sprinkle of catnip. Eliminate any panic-by-association and occasionally leave the carrier out so your pet can become comfortable with it.

Car rides can be a good experience. If your pet only connects being in the car with visits to the veterinarian, consider taking Fido along when running short errands. Travel is recommended with your pet secured—either in a carrier or with a seat belt harness.

Remain Calm And Be Prepared


Notice how in-tune your pet is to your behavior? Remember to stay calm and anxiety-free when preparing for a visit to the veterinarian.

When you’re at the clinic, keep your pet’s socializing to a minimum. Along with communicable diseases, other pets may be aggressive and can create additional excitement or agitation. In the exam room, a soothing voice, encouragement and affection can influence your pet’s calm demeanor.

Preparation doesn’t just extend to your pet. The more information you can give your veterinarian regarding your pet’s health, the quicker you’ll receive a diagnosis and avoid a prolonged visit. Make veterinarian visits less traumatic and everyone benefits.