Spring ahead safely with your pets

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Warm weather is here again!

Springtime pet safety is all about preparedness—here are some seasonal hazards to keep an eye out for:¹

Springtime signals the return of biting and stinging insects like fleas, ticks, mosquitos, bees and wasps.

Veterinary bill $167







3 ways to keep your home pet-safe this season

Holiday ornament

Check a pet poison safety resource to make sure plants are pet-safe

Keep pets away from woodpiles, standing water and beehives

Keep pets in a safe, separate room when cleaning the house

More coverage where it's needed the most

We know what we’d want covered for our pets, so we made sure we covered it for yours. And with more than 35 years of experience protecting pets, there's nothing we haven’t seen.

Accidents & injuries

Chronic illnesses


Common illnesses

Hereditary conditions

Holistic & alternative

Serious illnesses

Testing & diagnostics


Plans start at $35 a month2

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Up to 90% cash back on eligible vet bills

Up to 90% cash back on eligible vet bills3

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24/7 access to pet health advice from the vethelpline®

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Special pricing from vendors on pet-related products and more

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Kevin Wagner and Winston, protected by Nationwide® since November 2013

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