The health-boosting power of pets

You do a lot to keep your pet healthy. Turns out, they return the favor.

Time spent playing fetch with your pup or snuggling on the sofa with your cat is good for the soul—and, according to numerous studies, it’s also good for your physical and mental health.

Exploring the “pet effect”

Researchers at the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) have found evidence that pets can contribute to better health in significant ways.1

Did you know?

•  Pet ownership improves heart health in humans2

•  Owning a cat can reduce stress and anxiety2

•  Dogs provide opportunities to exercise, get outside and socialize3

•  Pet owners overall tend to lead happier and healthier lives4

Woman and cat

That’s a significant positive impact, just from spending time with your four-legged friend!

They scritch your back, you scritch theirs

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Nationwide® supports research into the life-giving power of this connection and has partnered with HABRI to further their investigation into human-animal connections. In fact, Nationwide pet health insurance is a Human-Animal Bond certified company.

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