Effortless Rx reimbursement with Nationwide® PetRxExpress

Great news! Nationwide members can start saving time and money by filling your pet’s prescriptions at any Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacy.*

With Nationwide® PetRxExpress℠, you can get your pet’s prescriptions filled while you shop—and save on top brands, too. To get preferred pricing on medications, just present your pet’s insurance card with your prescription, and your claim will be automatically submitted to Nationwide.

How it works:


Bring a written prescription to your local Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacy (or have your vet call it in).

Nationwide pet ID card

Show your Nationwide digital pet insurance ID card at checkout. The pharmacy will enter your policy number to establish eligibility.


Save on your pet’s prescriptions and enjoy the convenience of having your claim automatically submitted.

Download your pet's pharmacy ID card now at my.petinsurance.com

Did you know?

Nationwide pet insurance members who use PetRxExpress℠ save an average of 30-50% on pet prescriptions.**

Frequently Asked Questions

In-store Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies carry the same pet medications you'll find in most veterinary offices. You may want to call ahead to make sure your preferred location carries your specific medication.

Nationwide partnered with Walmart to offer preferred pricing only for our members. This is above and beyond Walmart’s already low prices.

Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies may offer over the counter medications that do not require a prescription. However, you will be required to present a valid prescription from a veterinarian along with your digital pet insurance ID card to be eligible for automatic claim submission and preferred pricing through  PetRxExpress℠, and reimbursement under your Nationwide plan.

If the medication is over the counter and not purchased through the pharmacy, it will not be eligible for preferred pricing or automatic claim submission and you will need to submit a claim directly to Nationwide.

Some over the counter medications may be eligible for preferred pricing and automatic claim submission if purchased at the pharmacy. Present your prescription along with your digital pet insurance ID card to confirm eligibility.

Simply provide your digital pet insurance ID card at the counter of the in-store Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacy. The pharmacy will use the policy number, sometimes referred to as member or participant ID, to ensure you are an active Nationwide member. Upon validation, they will be able to check availability and provide preferred pricing.

The pharmacy will submit claims paperwork to Nationwide on your behalf after checkout. You will pay the preferred pricing when you pick up your medication. In some cases, you will only need to pay the applicable co-insurance amount.

You can pay just your co-insurance if the medication and/or your current policy status meets all requirements. For example, if your policy just renewed, you would need to meet your annual deductible before owing just the co-insurance for medications. However, there could be other reasons your policy is not eligible at the time of pick up, in which case the pharmacy will submit the claim on your behalf to Nationwide for direct reimbursement of eligible expenses.

If your policy became active in the 24-48 hours prior to picking up your pet’s medication, it may not be reflected in the pharmacy’s system. Other reasons eligibility may not be established include incorrect entry of information on the Rx card or if you no longer have an active policy. You can choose to pay for the medication at the counter and submit the claim directly to Nationwide using your preferred method here.

Your pet's Nationwide Pet Rx Express ID card can be found on the homepage of your online account at my.petinsurance.com

No, there is no additional cost to use Nationwide PetRxExpress℠.

Yes, you can fill prescriptions at any other pharmacy or veterinarian. However, you will need to submit a claim directly to Nationwide.

Today the preferred pricing and claims processing on your behalf is only available in store. If you elect to use the online pharmacy, you will need to submit your claim direct to Nationwide for reimbursement.

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