Pet Parent's Day

Spoil Yourself and Your Pets with Some Extra TLC

Dog shares bed with owner

For those who tirelessly scoop poop, dish out kibble and share a cramped bed with four paws, this day is for you.

You’ve planned birthday parties for Fido, bought specially-formulated oatmeal shampoo that costs more than your own, and made a point to stroll down the pet aisle every time you shop at the convenience store.

You might even plan vacations that include your pet, or make a point to carve out a couple of hours a day for playtime at home, a dog park or even the beach.

Devoted pet parents like you deserve more than a pat on the back — celebrate Pet Parent’s Day® and bond with your pet this weekend.

Send a Customized Message to Fellow to Pet Parents

The nation’s only official day celebrating pet caregivers, Pet Parent’s Day lands on the last Sunday in April — this year, April 26.

In honor of Pet Parent's Day, VPI will donate $5 to Deckers Dogs for every pet insurance quote generated (up to $10,000) through Memorial Day at Additionally, a variety of customizable Pet Parent's Day messages are also available here to send to fellow pet owners. Each message conveys a different tone (fun, warm, new pet) for dogs, cats, and other species. Senders will have the ability to choose an animated design and compose a personalized message to the recipient. .

VPI will donate $5 to Deckers Dogs for every message sent. Deckers Dogs, a partner of Freedom Service Dogs of America, founded by New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker and his wife, country singer Jessie James Decker, which unites shelter dogs with disabled veterans.

Customizable Pet Parent’s Day messages are available through Memorial Day.

Celebrate the 8th Annual Pet Parent’s Day

Cat gets a head rub

Preempting a season dedicated to the appreciation of mothers and fathers, National Pet Parent’s Day recognizes and honors those who lovingly consider their pets a part of the family.

Founded by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), this year marks the seventh annual Pet Parent’s Day.

“The fact that the majority of our policyholders emphatically consider their pets part of their family inspired us to create a day for the dedicated pet caregiver,” said Curtis Steinhoff, spokesman for VPI.

“A recent survey by the American Animal Hospital Association reports that 83 percent of pet owners consider themselves their pet’s mom or dad. With the human animal bond at an unprecedented high in America, we feel it’s important to set aside an annual day to recognize the special commitment made by pet owners.”

Plan a Pet Celebration

Celebrating Pet Parent’s Day with a furry or feathered friend doesn’t mean you have to go far from home or spend any extra bucks.

A few pet parents shared their weekend plans:

Sarah Chigro, from Denver, Colo., has two dogs, Zephyr and Monty. “I plan on spending a glorious day with my dogs. We’re going to snuggle in bed all morning and then go for a jog together. Later, we’ll spend the day watching movies: Lassie, Benji, 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp (Zephyr's favorite-he loves romance!). After dinner, we will mix up our "routine" walk by going the other direction; they won't know what to do with themselves!”

 Tiffany and Brian Iannessa with their dog, Maya

Brian Iannessa lives in Southern California with his wife, Tiffany, and their miniature pinscher. “My wife and I may eat lunch with Maya at a restaurant in Redondo Beach called the Lazy Dog Cafe that actually serves pets and humans. We're hoping she treats us to lunch and a couple of margaritas, if they accept paw-llars, that is.

"After stuffing ourselves, if Maya has the energy, we're expecting some late afternoon pampering from her (perhaps bathing US for a change). At the very least, we'll insist she gives us the bed all to ourselves that evening as she retires to her crate instead of hogging our covers.”

Miss Whiskers

Miss Whiskers lives with Mica Matvia in Laguna Beach, Calif. “Miss Whiskers LOVES to be brushed, so I’ll more than likely take some time out to brush her a little longer than I normally do, and bring out her special kitty toys that I keep hidden from her—you know the kind: feathers on a stick, balls with feathers—all those things I can’t leave her unsupervised with while I’m at work.”

Whatever your weekend plans, take some time to remember who the big dog in the house is and reward yourself with an extra T-R-E-A-T, or two.

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