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Cats and Hairballs

National Awareness Sheds Light on Potential Problem

CatNational Hairball Awareness Day is celebrated on the last Friday of April. Cat owners commiserating about their pets’ unpleasant gastrointestinal habit should know: recurring vomiting is not normal for cats and could indicate a serious health problem.Read Story

Pet Parent's Day

Spoil Yourself and Your Pets with Some Extra TLC

Dog shares bed with ownerFor those who tirelessly scoop poop, dish out kibble and share a cramped bed with four paws, this day is for you. Devoted pet parents like you deserve more than a pat on the back; celebrate Pet Parent’s Day and bond with your pet this weekend.Read Story

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Choosing a Dog Breed

Before you adopt a dog, it is extremely important to know what type of breed would be best for your lifestyle and family. Here are some helpful tips to get you started. Read More

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Pet Education

Pet Education

First Aid For Your Pet

Do you know what to do when your dog or cat becomes hurt?Full Story

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Pet Stories

Emergency Survival Story


After eating a cornhusk, Maxine started throwing up green bile. The vet said she probably wouldn’t make it through the night.Full Story

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Pet Vet Videos

Pet Tip Videos

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Watch quick videos on important pet topics like cancer, dog bone dangers, toxicities, spay and neuter, dental care, obesity and overall healthcare.

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