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Bengal Cats

Wild-Looking But Domesticated

Bengal catMany people are drawn to the Bengal cat due to its wild-like markings yet gentle, domesticated temperament. The Bengal cat is actually a relatively new hybrid breed of an Asian leopard cat crossed with a domestic cat and has both an interesting history and personality.Read Story

Top 10 Dog Breeds

AKC Names 2013’s Popular Pooches

BulldogThe American Kennel Club, a non-profit organization that maintains the largest registry of purebred dogs in the world, has announced which dog breeds were most popular in 2013. The list of 175 dog breeds was narrowed down to the top 10 four-legged companions that Americans preferred to take home.Read Story

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First Aid For Your Pet

Pet First Aid Checklist

You can easily put together a well-stocked pet first aid kit.
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Emergency Survival Story


Catching snowballs while on vacation wasn't as much fun as anticipated when Toby's leg snapped like a broomstick after landing hard in the snow.Full Story

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