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Traveling with Pets

Things to Know Before Hitting the Road

Dalmatian sits in luggagePet owners are taking their pets along in greater numbers when they travel. In fact, a recent Travel Poll indicates that, in the past three years, 14% of all U.S. adults traveled with a pet on trips of 50 miles or more away from home. Here are some easy-to-follow travel tips that can make for a happier experience for all.Read Story

5 Must-Dos Before Boarding Pets

Boarding Tips for Pet Owners

CatVacations are just one example of any numbers of reasons why pet owners may have to spend a night away from their trusty companions. There’s also traveling for work, an emergency situation that calls us away from our home, or illness. Regardless of the circumstances, as a responsible pet owner, sending Max off to a kennel or boarding facility may be the only option you have.Read Story

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Dog and cat

Adopting a Pet

What's the difference between an animal sanctuary and a rescue group? Will your children get along with a new pet? What can you expect at your local animal shelter? Before you decide to adopt a pet, here are some helpful tips. Read More

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Pet Education

First Aid For Your Pet

Survey, Secure, Stat!

While it’s important not to self-diagnose your pet’s symptoms you must first determine the situation.Full Story

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Pet Stories

Emergency Survival Story


After eating a cornhusk, Maxine started throwing up green bile. The vet said she probably wouldn’t make it through the night.Full Story

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Pet Vet Videos

Pet Tip Videos

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Watch quick videos on important pet topics like cancer, dog bone dangers, toxicities, spay and neuter, dental care, obesity and overall healthcare.

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