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Allergic Reactions to Pet Vaccines

Quick Facts from a Veterinarian

Cat waits for vaccinationVaccines are an important part of preventative care for all pets. The diseases we vaccinate against range from potentially mild self-limiting diseases. Sometimes, albeit not common, pets can have an allergic reaction to a vaccine. Here’s what you need to know to protect your pet.Read Story

Stem Cell Treatment for Dogs

Revolutionary Treatment Helps Ease Arthritis

"Boo," photograph courtesy of Steve SweitzerMeet "Boo," who has always thrived on outdoor activities, especially chasing her tennis ball. At 9 years of age, time has taken its toll and Boo isn't responding to traditional anti-inflammatory treatment for her severe arthritis. Her owners discovered there was a new option for Boo: Stem cell regenerative treatment surgery.Read Story

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Dog sunbathing

Pet Education

Traveling with Pet Passengers in Tow?

Why not make traveling fun for the whole family—four-leggers included.
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Emergency Survival Story


After eating a cornhusk, Maxine started throwing up green bile. The vet said she probably wouldn’t make it through the night.Full Story

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