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Staffordshire Bull Terriers

England’s “Staffy” is Big-Hearted

Staffordshire bull terrierOne look at the Staffordshire bull terrier and you might be intimidated by its strong, powerful presence. With its brawny stance and almost larger-than-life jaws, the dog may give you the wrong first impression. Take another look: Beneath the athletic build is a big hearted pooch eager to bestow endless licks of affection and what he hopes is endless lap time.Read Story


Wild-Looking Cat is Tame Family Pet

Ocicat kittensWith its big, pointed ears, a small, triangular face with large almond-shaped eyes and striking markings throughout its fur coat, the ocicat looks very exotic—and downright wild to most. Fear not: This is a lap-hogging, blanket-hoarding, attention-seeking cat who doesn’t have a wild bone in its body.Read Story

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First Aid For Your Pet

Pet First Aid Checklist

You can easily put together a well-stocked pet first aid kit.
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Emergency Survival Story


Catching snowballs while on vacation wasn't as much fun as anticipated when Toby's leg snapped like a broomstick after landing hard in the snow.Full Story

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