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Siberian Huskies

An Original Sled Dog

Siberian huskyLovable and affectionate, the Siberian husky has a deep connection with people as well as deep roots in history. Well-known for mushing in sled dog races, the husky is also just as eager to join in a game of fetch or chase. A popular choice for families, the breed is also one of the first to be tapped for to join a search and rescue team. Read Story

Top 10 Cat Breeds of 2014

CFA Announces Most Popular Cat Breeds

Top 10 Cat Breeds thumbnailThe Cat Fanciers' Association has announced which cat breeds were most popular in 2014. Of the 42 cat breeds recognized by the CFA, these are the top 10 feline companions that Americans preferred to take home in the past year. Read Story

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First Aid For Your Pet

Pet First Aid Checklist

You can easily put together a well-stocked pet first aid kit.
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Emergency Survival Story


Catching snowballs while on vacation wasn't as much fun as anticipated when Toby's leg snapped like a broomstick after landing hard in the snow.Full Story

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