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Pet Etiquette at the Office

Tips for a Successful Workday with Pets

Lucky you! Your company has announced that pets are allowed to tag along with you at work on designated days of the month. Your furry companion will undoubtedly be overjoyed about not being left home alone, but what can you do to manage his level of excitement at the office? Check out these pet etiquette tips to make sure both your pet (and your neighboring colleagues) have a good experience.Read Story

Why Dogs Howl at Sirens

Ancient Form of Communication May be the Answer

Howling dogA few years ago, I pulled off to the side of the road to let a convoy of fire engines pass by. As the sound of sirens began to approach, I heard a low, mournful howl radiating from my backseat.It was my black Lab; her head was thrown back with her chin raised straight up, eyes closed as she joined the chorus of sirens. I was fascinated: Why do dogs howl at alarms? And why will one dog howl while the other won’t?Read Story

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Dog sunbathing

Pet Education

Traveling with Pet Passengers in Tow?

Why not make traveling fun for the whole family—four-leggers included.
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Emergency Survival Story


After eating a cornhusk, Maxine started throwing up green bile. The vet said she probably wouldn’t make it through the night.Full Story

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Pet Vet Videos

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