Pet Health Toxins

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Foliage to keep away from pets.

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5 Toxic Foods to Avoid Feeding Pets
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Dogs and Chocolate
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Flea Treatment or Dangerous Pesticide?
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Gardens and Pet Toxicity
Changing seasons also bring budding poisons and blossoming allergies.

Garlic Toxicity and Pets
A small amount can be toxic.

Most Common Pet Poison Claims
Pet health insurance data reveals maladies.

Most Common Pet Toxins
Data reveals well-intended pet owners unknowingly poisoning their pets.

Nuts Dangers to Dogs
Toxic poisoning and upset stomach a common symptom.

Peanut Butter and Xylitol
Ingredient is toxic to pets.

Pets and Onions
Each layer can poison your pets.

Pets and Toxic Plants
Weed lethal foliage from your home.

Poinsettias and Pets
Holiday plant often mistaken as deadly

Poison Ivy and Pets
Itch-inducing plant can inflict havoc on families.

Protect Pets from Pesticides and Rodenticides
Education is the best defense against preventing accidents.

Raisin and Grape Toxicity
Grapes and raisins among foods Fido should avoid.

Spring Garden Safety for Pets
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Summertime Pet Poisoning Hazards
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Teflon Poisoning in Birds
Toxicity affects all bird species.

Toxic Food Guide for Pets
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Toxic Medications for Pets
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Xylitol Poisoning
Sugar substitute is toxic to pets.