Top 50 Wackiest Pet Names

The Most Unusual Dog and Cat Names of 2014

For many a pet owner, Max sounds mundane and Bailey is simply boring. In order to pay homage to those who take pride in their pets’ unconventional names, Veterinary Pet Insurance set out for the sixth year in a row to find the 50 most unusual dog and cat names in the United States.

VPI employees selected the most unusual dog names from the company’s database of nearly 500,000 insured pets, and narrowed them down by voting for the 50 most unusual names in each category. Following are the results.

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Wacky Dog and Cat Names



Chew Barka

Pico de Gato

Nigel Nosewhistle


Sir Maui Senqkey Schwykle

Dumpster Kitty

Spark Pug


Agent 99


Stinker Belle

Sassy Pants Huska

Vienna Sausage

Vincent Van Furrball

Furnace Hills Dante

Kitty Gaga

Senorita Margarita



Mister Bigglesworth

Spunky Brewster

Cuddles McCracken

Captain Awesome

Slim Pickens

Peanut Von Strudel


Raising A. Ruckus

My Girl Catastrophe

Flash T. Trousers

Friar McFergus

Vito Meatball

Mr. Chubsy Buttons


Fergus McGillicuddy

Otto Itchy Bobo

Captain Skittlehook

Tugboat O’Malley

Haircool Pawrow

Ziggy Stardust Floyd

Bean Bag

Fudge McDreamy

Mr. Moss McCheeks

Dandy Lion

Brown Cactus

Phat Daddy


Pawly D

Sugar Britches

Nacho Cheese

Tiger Blood

Jelly Diamondstein

Twinkle Toes

Monster Truck Mickey

Albus Dumbledore


Madame Meow

Cheeto Bear

Weow Weow

Miss Snowy Pineapple

Shatsi Popo

Mr. Cashew Maghoo

Trinity Sweetypaws

Fatboy Jackson

Violet Diablo

Firecracker Jack

Mister Peepers


Mr. Creamsicle

Whiskey Valentine

Black Sabbath



Santa Paws

Kitty Bowersocks


Long John Silverrr

Boogie Woogie

Meow Meow Thompson


Handsome Happy Fella


Kahlua Fudge

Maximus Von Francis

Orange Juice

Tuff Buckaroo

Biggie Shorty

Mr. Bojangles Bobo

Breezy Chatter Bug

Ziggy Pop

Wahoo Ferguson


Muffin Madonna

Uncle Roscoe

Minnie Mouse

Oreo Pudding

Princess Raggedy Ann

Little Scrappy

Boogey Man

Major Sluggo


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