Top 50 Wackiest Pet Names

The Most Unusual Dog and Cat Names of 2015

For many a pet owner, Max sounds mundane and Bailey is simply boring. In order to pay homage to those who take pride in their pets’ unconventional names, Nationwide pet insurance (formerly known as Veterinary Pet Insurance) set out for the eighth year in a row to find the 50 most unusual dog and cat names in the United States.

Nationwide pet insurance employees selected the most unusual dog names from the company’s database of nearly 500,000 insured pets, and narrowed them down by voting for the 50 most unusual names in each category. Following are the results.

Wacky Dog and Cat Names



A Bit Of Dallas

A Boy Named Suzy

Abigail Carmichael Spartacus

Brad Kitt Aka Bk

Abigail Tubbs Mccord

Breezy Chatter Bug

Abraham Lincoln Continental

Captain Pancake

Alexanders Hawaiian Exposure

Catfish Bob

Artoo Dogtoo

Catrick Swayze

Baby Bam Bam Bono


Bailey Blueeyes Fritts


Baron Von Furrypants

Chicklet Chicken Little

Bizkit Au Chocolat

Clark Cat Super Kitty

Blue Boy Silverbullet

Dizzy Heart Cow

Cheesesteak Riley

Dudley Dowrong

Choco Taco

Dusty Mop

Chowbella The Second

Edward Scissor Paws

Colonel Pretzel Plet


Foxy Skittles Dicker

Furball Tinytot

Fryes Rascal Prince Jasper

Fuzz Lightyear

Goober Mcfatkins


Governor Smalls

George W Cat

Hat Trick Hattie

Harry Mustard

Hearsay Rainey Day Skirnick

Johnnie On The Spot

Hunk Heartbreaker

Lambeau Batman

Kotton Top Of Kabeara

Lazy Destroyer

Krystal Creeks Black Brambles

Leonardo Dicatprio

Kugel Twotwo

Madame La-Tea-Ta De La Fontaine

Kuklos Mou Lazar Carl


Living N Slow Motion

Mr. Puddin La Pew

London Mon Smoochie

Mrr Mrr

Lord Chubby Pruneface

Ms. Tuftytoes

Lord Ozzie Portsand Barksworth

Phatty Meow Meow

Moxie Moo Mcfarland


Naughty Bugatti

Pretty Floyd Boy The Second1

Nutmeg Spice O Paris

Razmin Jazmin

Officer Flossy

Rikki Tikki Tavi1

Parker the Barker


Patrick Van Spatula

Sir Neigel Meow Mittens Of Ocelote Court

Patty Cakes Pretty Girl

Sir Purrs A Lot Theadorable

Pluto Money Montgomery

Six Pack

Polly Dolly Doodle

Smooth Operator Eddie

Pom Pom Hollywood


Prince Patches Ohoulihan The Third Of Wilshire

Star Wars Steve

Reuben Sandwich

Thelonious Monkey

Rosie Picklebottom

Thumbs Hemingway

Sammi Cappucccino

Tigress Tasha


Toby Turbo

Scuddles Unterfuss

Tommy Twotimes

Simon Wiggles Potato

Trinity Sweetypaws

Sir Tubby Tater Jordan

Tuxedo Burrito Camino

Smiley Cyrus

Zelda Nacho

Tuffy The Wonder Dog

Ziggy Ollyoxenfree

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