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Pet Toxins & Poisons 

Learn how to avoid the poisons pets are most commonly treated for.

Articles About Pet Toxins & Poisons

First-Time Pet Owners

Take charge of your petís well-being and learn about his most essential needs.

Articles for First-Time Pet Owners

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Traveling with Pets 

Here are a few tips to help make your journey a little easier.

Articles about Traveling with Pets

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Pet Cancer 

Survey, Secure, Stat! Simple first aid measures can provide life-saving remedies for pets.

Articles about Pet Cancer

Pet Behaviors 

Minimizing pet stress for inducing change.

Articles about Pet Behavior

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Household Toxins

As smart as you think your pet may be, his curiosity can get him into trouble.

Dangerous toys

Playing it Safe

Never leave cats alone with string toys; accidental ingestion is life-threatening and often requires expensive surgical procedures.

Injured dog

First Aid Checklist

You can easily put together a well-stocked pet first aid kit using a waterproof container that opens and closes easily. Print out this checklist and keep within reach.


Toxic Foods for Pets

As few as seven grapes can be toxic to dogs. What other toxic foods should you avoid feeding your pet?

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Feeding Fido

Studies show between 25 and 40% of household pets are overweight or obese, leading to obesity-related pet illnesses.

Choking Hazards

It's possible for dogs to ingest a toy, a small object—or even food that may lead to choking. What should you do if this happens?