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Are Wild Mushrooms Toxic to Pets?

Veterinary Insight for Pet Owners

Wild mushroomsThose wild mushrooms growing in your backyard, at the dog park or along the trail you usually walk your dog can be more than just a nuisance—they could potentially be a deadly snack. The Pet HealthZone asks a veterinary poison expert to help you identify a potential danger.Read Story

Bordetella and Pets

Vaccination Required for Boarding Helps Prevent Kennel Cough

Beagle receives vaccination'Tis the season for holiday traveling. Whether your pet flies with you or spends his days making new friends at your neighborhood boarding facility, he'll need one important thing ahead of time: the Bordetella vaccine. Commonly referred to as kennel cough for dogs, this highly contagious virus isn't typically life-threatening but, if untreated, can lead to pneumonia.Read Story

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Dog and cat

Adopting a Pet

What's the difference between an animal sanctuary and a rescue group? Will your children get along with a new pet? What can you expect at your local animal shelter? Before you decide to adopt a pet, here are some helpful tips. Read More

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First Aid For Your Pet

Survey, Secure, Stat!

While it’s important not to self-diagnose your pet’s symptoms you must first determine the situation.Full Story

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Emergency Survival Story


After eating a cornhusk, Maxine started throwing up green bile. The vet said she probably wouldn’t make it through the night.Full Story

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