HotRod Whoofington

Hotrod Whoofington

HotRod Whoofington might sound like a wacky enough moniker on its own, but it's actually only part of the mastiff's full name. In fact, according to Mary of Ashland, Ore., admiration and respect for her son-in-law inspired one of the most unusual names in the VPI database.

"HotRod's full name is, The Honorable Benjamin William HotRod Whoofington," explained Mary. "He is named, in part, after my son-in-law, Benjamin William, whom is a man of impeccable character and is a legal professional. I name my dogs after those I respect and value most in life. The HotRod Whoofington portion of his name emerged from his racy, aristocratic, most adorable nature. He was born to be known as, The Honorable Benjamin William HotRod Whoofington. None other would fit."

Judging by the reactions that Mary receives when strangers hear her dog’s moniker, there is little doubt that he has an unusual name.

"When I introduce HotRod, I do so by his formal name," explained Mary. "Generally there is a brief silence, followed by a burst of giggles. The question then, almost always is; 'What do you call him?' I respond that his family and friends most often call him HotRod and upon occasion, HotRod Whoofington."

Being a dedicated, devoted and loving pet owner, Mary purchased VPI for HotRod when he was a puppy. She is happy to be able to provide the best veterinary care possible for HotRod, should he require it.

"Loving HotRod has placed a string of lights around my heart that make my real life sparkle," said Mary. "I can get by without my lattes, trinkets, even my vehicle. But without my HotRod the sparkle would fade and the lights would go dark. Thus, the reason I purchased pet insurance for HotRod is Love. I love my dog."

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