Vincent Van Furrball

Vincent Van Furrball

On the day after a 5.0 earthquake hit Virginia last August, Iza Ramli of Arlington, Va., went out to adopt a kitten. While in the adoption center, Iza spotted a malnourished grey, striped tabby glaring at him from one of the glass cubicles. Iza immediately noticed and fell in love with the kitten’s droopy left ear and knew that was the cat he would bring home. Due to his recognizable ear, Iza decided to name him Vincent van Furrball after Vincent van Gogh, the one-eared artist well-known for his eccentric behavior.

Since being adopted by Iza, Vincent’s ear has recovered and is no longer droopy thanks to a healthy diet and regular meals. Vincent is now a strong and healthy 13-pound bundle of energy. When strangers meet Vincent for the first time they often wonder if he was named for his artistic ability, but his artistic talent is limited to distressing upholstery.

Vincent loves his training sessions, especially playing fetch around the house. Iza will often throw a rubber band, mouse toy or crinkled ball and shower Vincent with praise as he scurries to retrieve the items.

Iza has seen Vincent transform from a malnourished kitten into the fun, healthy and energetic cat he is today and is dedicated to keeping him that way. “We love Vincent so much and know that he needs a regular checkup by the vet,” said Iza. “Since he has pet insurance we can make sure he leads a healthy lifestyle without breaking our bank account for vet visits.”

Iza Ramli
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