Vienna Sausage

Vienna Sausage

Gary Jaconski and Cassandra Wahl of Williamstown, N.J., select meat-related monikers for their pets. Even before meeting their dachshund for the first time, they planned to name her Vienna Sausage as an homage to a popular snack in Guam, where Cassandra grew up.

“I said that if there was a dachshund at the pet store and I love her, I will buy her right then and there and name her Vienna Sausage,” said Cassandra. “Her name fits perfectly.”

Among other quirky behaviors, Gary and Cassandra can count on their friendly pooch to greet them each morning and belt out a tune when they call one another. “Vienna is very vocal and always has to say good morning to mommy and daddy,” said Cassandra. “She also loves to sing along to our phone ringtones when she knows that it's mommy or daddy calling.”

After previously paying costly veterinarian bills for an uninsured dog, Gary and Cassandra vowed to insure Vienna Sausage and all of their future pets.

“Our first dog, Armour Nathan, was terribly sick with parasites, worms, eye and ear infections and it cost a lot of money to get him better,” explained Cassandra. “If we had known about VPI then, we would have saved money on our veterinarian bills. After that experience, it was decided that no matter what, we would continue to insure our dogs with VPI.”

Gary Jaconski and Cassandra Wahl
VPI Policyholder Since 2006

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