Not too long after Jessica Korte of Richmond, Mich., and her future husband first moved in together, they decided to get a dog. While going through the process of selecting a name for their new Labrador retriever, they landed on one that equally represents both of its owners.

“Trigonometry represents me, a teacher,” said Jessica. “And it also represents my husband, a sheriff’s deputy. Trig is his nickname, easy for all to say.”

The Kortes frequently call their pooch Trig or Trigger for short, which some people incorrectly assume is in reference to Jessica’s husband being a police officer and immediately think of the trigger of a gun.

Trigonometry is full of energy. His hobbies include fishing for minnows and other small creatures in the Kortes pond, as well as greeting guests to their house in a memorable way. “The other day, a friend pulled up in our driveway, and Trigger came running full force from the far corner of the yard,” said Jessica. “But instead of running around the swing set, he decided to run through it, getting his belly caught on the swing. The swing flipped him in the air, and landed him on his back. Uninjured, Trigger instantly turned over to his feet and continued his full force sprint to the vehicle in the driveway.”

Jessica decided to purchase pet insurance for Trigonometry because her brother’s yellow Labrador has had many health issues, including two torn ACLs, which totaled around $3,000 for each surgery. “We live on a fixed income and $6,000 for dog surgery is not really in the budget, although we'd pay if we had to,” explained Jessica. “We love our family dog and want him to get the best care possible.”

Jessica Korte
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