Stinker Belle

Stinker Belle

Not surprisingly, when Jay Cohen of Nashville, Tenn., takes his Yorkshire terrier out for a walk, people often confuse his canine’s name with the fictional character from “Peter Pan.” Once Jay corrects them, folks typically like the name and think it’s pretty cute.

“With this being my wife’s first dog, I knew it would be spoiled rotten and a real stinker,” said Jay. “Thus the name Stinker Belle. Her little sister is Sophie Belle.”

With a moniker like Stinker Belle, one might think that she would be a high-maintenance pooch. Fortunately for Jay, she doesn’t get into too much mischief, and their biggest scare came a while back when they turned on the vacuum.

“We thought she ran off because she got frightened when we were running the vacuum,” explained Jay. “We even had neighbors looking for her and were frantic until we found her on the bed buried deep into the pillows.”

Seven years after bringing his new dog home, Jay is pleased his Yorkie is insured in case the unexpected should arise. “When we bought Stinker Belle from the breeder, she already had pet insurance,” said Jay. “She has had many stomach problems and it has helped offset some of those costs.”

Jay Cohen
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