Spark Pug


Some pet names are sweet and endearing, while others are bizarre and outrageous. And then there are some that are just plain “punny,” as is the case with Spark Pug. Though one might be inclined to believe that Spark Pug stands out in any crowd, it’s not an easy task when he shares a home with Betty Boop, Minnie Pearl, Little Jimmy Dickens and Benjamin Button. “We tend to look for something unusual when it comes to naming our pets,” said Jack Fallen of Walnut Creek, Calif., who has provided a forever home to many rescues over the years, including Spark Pug.

Known as “Sparky” for short, there is no denying that the lovable pug has a character to match. “As a puppy, he was really spunky and playful,” said Jack. “Even though he’s getting older, ‘Sparky’ has been a perfect fit for his personality.” For pet parents naming a new furry family member, Jack recommends considering their appearance and demeanor, and looking for something that is easy to shorten.

Opening their home to several rescues didn't only mean more wacky pet names for Jack and Anne; it also meant more vet visits, which inspired them to get pet insurance. “I think it makes a lot of sense for anybody to have pet insurance, but it has definitely benefited us with all of our rescues,” said Jack. “The value of pet insurance is in having it, not necessarily in using it; but with our tribe it has been financially positive.”

Jack and Anne Fallin
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