Senorita Margarita

Senorita Margarita

Believing that her new Yorkshire terrier was going to be a male, Samantha of Mount Joy, Pa., initially planned to name her dog Señor. Once she found out that she had instead brought home a girl, Samantha decided to switch things up a bit and give her a moniker that also references her favorite adult beverage.

“The day she came home, I put her in a large margarita glass and sent out announcements for all my family and friends to meet my new one-pound glass of joy,” said Samantha.

Even when Samantha takes Senorita Margarita for a routine checkup at the veterinarian, she finds that people get a kick out her canine’s unique name. “Every time we go to the vet, I know it’s our turn before her name even gets called because the vet will start laughing as she begins reading her name,” said Samantha.

In addition to an unusual moniker, Senorita Margarita also has a very quirky personality, and has recently taken an affinity for playing with Samantha’s socks. “The moment I walk into the house with socks and sneakers on she is determined to make me take them off so she can run down the hallway with two socks in her mouth,” explained Samantha. “At four-and-a-half pounds, trying to get two adult socks in her mouth is tricky, but once she gets them both in and takes off down the hall, it is hard for her to keep both feet on the ground and most of the time it is like watching a bird flapping its wings to fly: one leg out to the right and one leg out to the left.”

Due to Senorita Margarita’s diminutive stature, Samantha purchased pet health insurance to safeguard against any unexpected future mishaps. “I wanted to have Senorita Margarita protected and be around as long as possible for everyone to enjoy,” said Samantha. “Some people chuckle that she has insurance, but people get insurance for their kids and she is the only spoiled rotten kid in this house.”

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