Sassy Pants Huska

Sassy Pants Huska

When Robin Lefkowitz-Huska of Morganville, N.J., and her husband were at the pet shelter to adopt their new kitten, one young, smoke-colored feline stood out from the crowd due to her dynamic personality.

“When we first saw Sassy Pants at the pet shelter, she was a few months old but she had a very pushy and sassy attitude about her,” said Robin. “My husband thought Sassy Pants would be an appropriate name.”

Once Robin and her husband brought their new kitten home, Sassy Pants was pleased to find a playmate with an equally interesting name. “Sassy Pants and her brother, Buster Chancho are partners in crime,” explained Robin. “They learned at a very young age to work together to unlock the child-proof cabinets.”

Robin treats her kittens like they are part of the family, and is pleased they are insured and will receive great treatment from the veterinarian. “I love my cats like they are my own children and wanted to make sure that they should have the best care,” said Robin. “I feel pet insurance gives us the best opportunity to keep them healthy.”

Robin Lefkowitz-Huska
VPI Policyholder Since 2008

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