Raising A. Ruckus

Raising A. Ruckus

Sure, pets have a mind of their own, but not all pets have a Twitter feed to express what’s on it. Ruckus (Twitter.com/@RaisingARuckus) is among the growing number of dogs on Twitter, which provides a safe-haven for furry friends to unite and boldly declare what they only wish they could communicate to their two-legged counterparts. Ruckus, who lovingly refers to owner Jessy Mostavage online as “Crazy Lady,” often requests trips to the park and play time through the social networking site. He once tweeted, “Crazy lady. Can’t you see I wanna play? Play fetch with me. PLEASE!!!!”

According to Jessy of Pottstown, Pa., Ruckus was almost a “Winston” or “Bentley,” but the Olde English bulldogge made it clear that such a distinguished moniker simply wouldn’t do. “After seeing him, we could tell he was going to be a handful. He sure has been too,” admitted Jessy. “He is a ball of energy, which is unusual for bulldogs. He also has black fur around each of his eyes, which makes him look a bit devious. I think Ruckus fits him well.”

As his Twitter feed can attest, “Raising A. Ruckus” is no exaggeration. “We decided very early on that we were going to purchase pet insurance for Ruckus. Ruckus eats EVERYTHING. Not only do we need to worry about normal health concerns, but the threat of him swallowing something he shouldn’t is definitely a concern,” said Jessy. “We do keep a very close eye on him, but you never know when he’s going to be faster than us. Not that we want to use it, but the insurance does gives us a little peace of mind.” Ruckus seems to appreciate having VPI Pet Insurance for the same reason, proudly declaring to the Twitter-sphere, “I eat anything that moves, and even some things that don’t. Good thing she got insurance @VPI.”

Jessy Mostavage
VPI Policyholder since 2011

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