Nigel Nosewhistle

Nigel Nosewhistle

When Nigel Nosewhistle was born in April 2011, proud pet parents Michele and Pete Thomas of Skillman, N.J., wanted to pay homage to their previous dog, Sidney, a West Highland white terrier who was known for the noises he would make when he was sleepy.

“Our Westie, Sidney, would make whistling noises when he wanted to go to bed,” said Michele. “Nigel was the first name we called him and it became Nigel Nosewhistle.”

Although some people view the name Nigel Nosewhistle as a little bit wacky, the Thomas family advises other pet owners to pick a name that will make them feel good. “Don’t rush when picking a name,” Michele advised. “Pick something that warms your heart when you say it.”

Nigel entertains the Thomas family with his behavior on a daily basis, although some of his antics are a bit quirky. “Nigel loves dirty laundry,” said Michele. “We have to give him a treat to distract him in order to do our laundry.”

The Thomases want to ensure Nigel Nosewhistle and all of their dogs receive the best care, which is the main reason they opted for pet insurance. “Our pets are members of our family,” explained Michele. “Fifteen years ago, I researched pet insurance for our dog Sidney and VPI was the company we chose.”

Michele Thomas
VPI Policyholder Since 2011

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