Mister Bigglesworth

Mr. Bigglesworth

A year after Cindy Chiudioni and her family moved to their new home in Eastlake, Ohio, a thin, orange tabby cat showed up looking for a permanent residence. Unsure if the cat would survive, Cindy and her family took him in and began nursing him back to health.

“We brought him to the veterinarian for shots and a checkup and then fattened him up,” said Cindy. “He went from looking frail and hairless to lush and beautiful within a few months.”

The trip to veterinarian also meant it was time for a name change. “His original name was actually Princess Bigglesworth, but once we brought him to the veterinarian, she informed us that Princess was not fitting, as he was a male neutered cat,” explained Cindy. “We quickly changed his name to Mr. Bigglesworth.”

Since being taken in by Cindy, Mr. Bigglesworth has gone from an outdoor to an indoor cat. Cindy and her family enjoy pampering their furry, four-legged friend. “Believe it or not, he eats four times per day,” said Cindy. “Sometimes in the middle of the night, if our bedroom door is closed, he will knock with his paw while meowing, and then finally he will turn his meow into saying mom. We practice this word and he uses it to get what he wants.”

Cindy was informed about pet insurance from a friend, and after researching different options, she decided that VPI was the right fit for her and Mr. Bigglesworth.

“Just in case our Mr. B gets sick, pet insurance helps us with the costs to get the proper care to make him well again,” said Cindy. “I recommend pet insurance, as it gives you peace of mind, and helps to more easily handle the costs that may arise.”

Cindy Chiudioni
VPI Policyholder Since 2005

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