Alycia Watson and her husband were discussing the ambiguous nature of names after a coworker got upset with her for mispronouncing his. Her husband theorized that, when it comes to names, spelling is of little importance; however a person pronounces it is how it should be said. “Our last name is Watson, but we could say it’s Koobenfarben, and that’s how it would be pronounced,” he explained.

Several weeks later, the Watsons set out to adopt a cat from a local shelter. According to Alycia, the staff had given their feline the name “Trixie,” but the spelling was very unusual. She looked at her husband and joked, “Oh great, another Koobenfarben.” From then on, no other name would do.

Koobenfarben isn’t the only pet the Watsons have brought home from the shelter. “About a year ago, one of our other cats got sick,” said Alycia. “We were sure it was something she picked up from the shelter, so we took her to our veterinarian to have her checked.” Although her veterinarian could not find anything wrong, the cost of the tests were expensive and it got the Watsons thinking about buying pet insurance. “We got VPI pet insurance because we never want to be in a position where we have to choose between paying rent and keeping our cats alive,” said Alycia. “We’d probably pick the cats anyway, but it’s nice to know that we don’t actually have to worry about that.”

Alycia Watson
VPI Policyholder Since 2011

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