John Paliotta of Canston, RI, knew that if he ever brought a canine companion into his home, he would need a nice Italian name. Although the Boston terrier he adopted didn’t quite fit this requisite, not all hope was lost. “At the shelter they had given him the name, ‘Fuzzy,’” explained John. “I always liked the Italian name ‘Fabrizio,’ so I came up with a combination of the two: ‘Fuzzbrizio.’”

Incorporating his heritage into a pet name was important for John, and he advises other owners to consider doing the same when adopting a new pet. “I think a pet’s name should be based on something that’s special to you; something unique,” said John. “People love the name ‘Fuzzbrizio’ because it’s different.”

According to John, Fuzzbrizio’s charm extends far beyond his name. “He has one crooked tooth that sticks out of his mouth and he burps like a human when he’s done eating,” John confessed. “I love that dog so much and I want to take care of him; that’s why I got a policy with VPI Pet Insurance. I always want him to be protected.”

John Paliotta
VPI Policyholder since 2011

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