Dumpster Kitty


In the spring of 2000, Eileen Karle of Kerhonkson, N.Y., heard the unmistakable sounds of newborn kittens under the dumpster behind the hotel where she worked. A few weeks later, once the newborn kittens were old enough to venture out, Eileen and a few of her coworkers attempted to corral them in order to get them some basic veterinary care, but the kittens were taught well by their mother to steer clear of the bigger creatures while out and about.

Most of the kittens scattered into the nearby fields when the hotel staff approached, but one had other ideas and took up residence in the hotel kitchen ceiling. After attempting to get the kitten down from the ceiling and back to her mother and siblings for over a week, Eileen decided to leave her alone because she was sure this cat wanted to be an inside kitty.

Unfortunately, Eileen’s bosses weren’t as keen on having a cat living in their kitchen and were discussing ways to get rid of her. Before any decisions could be made, Eileen stepped in and offered to take her in to join her other two cats at home, as long as they could get her down from the ceiling ledge. At that point, Eileen’s coworker walked over to the ledge and said, “You heard her, Dumpster Kitty. Come down and you’ve got a home!” The cat didn’t hesitate when she heard the offer and jumped down into the coworker’s arms.

After taking her new cat to the veterinarian, Eileen took her home and introduced her to her other two cats, Nub and Inky. As Eileen watched her new cat adjust quickly and confidently to her new surroundings, she knew that keeping the moniker Dumpster Kitty was the right move. “The vet staff didn’t think it was a very dignified name for such a tiny, pretty kitten,” said Eileen. “But this kitten knew what she wanted and went for it with a very ‘Dumpster Kitty’ type of attitude!”

Dumpster Kitty has made it very clear that she will never sleep on the cold, hard ground again. Eileen doesn’t ever have to search long to find her; she knows Dumpster Kitty will be in bed, under the covers, on top of a warm pillow.

Eileen has been very lucky with Dumpster Kitty as she has been a healthy cat and only has needed routine vet visits and vaccinations. However, Eileen wasn’t so lucky with Nub, who had diabetes and kidney disease. At the time, Eileen was unaware of pet insurance so she was faced with a financial struggle every time Nub got sick. Now that she has been educated about pet insurance, she is confident she’ll avoid similar struggles in the future. “I was happy when I found VPI Pet Insurance,” said Eileen. “It’s peace of mind for me and my kitties.”

Eileen Karle
VPI Policyholder Since 2002

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