Furnace Hills Dante

Furnace Hills Dante

Axel Waldkirch of Elizabethtown, Pa., has always liked the movie “Dante’s Inferno,” an Italian film from the early 1900s. However, naming his Spinone Italiano “Furnace Hills Dante” was far more calculated than that. “We live on a hill with a lime kiln furnace,” explained Axel. “The kiln was once used to burn limestone, which was often used by farmers to fertilize the hill. So, the hill that we live on is called ‘Furnace Hill.’”

According to Axel, all of the puppies from Dante’s litter were given D-letter names. As a prized utility dog making himself at home atop Furnace Hill, he was bestowed the distinguished moniker, “Furnace Hills Dante.” “Even though his name is ‘Furnace Hills Dante,’ most people know him as ‘Dante,’” said Axel. “When considering pet names, I look for something easy to say and think about how it would sound with basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay.’”

True to the breed’s reputation, Dante has taken to these commands, and several others, with ease and obedience. Happy to have him as an extension of their family, the Waldkirchs were sure to purchase VPI Pet Insurance for Dante when he was just a pup. “We got a pet insurance policy with VPI for Dante when he was very young,” said Axel. “We didn’t want to have any issues paying out of pocket for his care. I tell every pet owner I know to get it, you just can’t afford not to.”

Axel Waldkirch
VPI Policyholder since 2008

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