Chew Barka

Chew Barka

Due to her husband’s allergies, it had been years since Michele Manzelli of Chelmsford, Mass., had owned a dog. But as her youngest child was turning five years old, she desperately wanted to add a furry, four-legged family member. The Manzellis opted for a poodle since they are one of the most hypoallergenic breeds, and since 2010, Chew Barka has been a great addition to the Manzelli family.

The Manzellis came up with a name for their new poodle after observing his behavior on the first night. “The first night we had him all he seemed to do is chew and bark, and being the Star Wars fans that we are, Chew Barka just seemed to fit perfectly,” explained Michele. “We call him Chewy for short and Mr. Chew Barka when we address him formally.”

Everyone who comes in contact with Chew Barka is amused when they first hear his unique name. “People crack up laughing when they see how small he is,” said Michele. “When we share the spelling and story about how he got his name, they think it’s clever and a name that suits him perfectly,” said Michele.

“Chewy is a real performer; he loves to dance and any time he sees food he will dance for attention until he is rewarded with a treat,” said Michele. “He also has all of us trained so that any time you enter his perimeter he will just roll on his back and wait for a belly rub. Of course we acquiesce every time; who can resist?”

Even Michele’s husband hasn’t been able to resist the allure of the family pooch. “He can’t go to bed without Chewy curled up behind his knees,” said Michele. “While we were on vacation, he even carried around a picture of him.”

The Manzellis purchased pet insurance to safeguard against any potential financial burdens. “Having pet insurance is our reassurance that we will always be able to put Chew Barka’s care first and not be pressured by a financial decision related to his health,” said Michele.

Michele Manzelli
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