Captain Awesome


For Mike Cady, the unintended consequence of naming his dog Captain Awesome has been an expanded vocabulary. "My girlfriend and I have to think of a lot more adjectives, because every time we call something 'awesome,' he responds," said Mike.

Still, Mike can't imagine a different name for his young golden retriever who possesses a number of awesome traits, including a variety of tricks and a sweet disposition that endears him to friends, family and strangers. "People always say, 'Wow your dog is awesome,' when they don't even know his name," said Mike. "We tell them, 'Literally, He is Awesome!"

Captain Awesome is the name of a character in the television show "Chuck," and Mike had the name in mind for a dog long before he adopted the golden retriever. According to Mike, out of the litter of puppies he went to see, the one he picked out looked the most like "Captain Awesome." Given the young dog’s many awesome antics, Mike didn't waste any time purchasing a VPI Pet Insurance policy.

"I know how expensive pets can be, so when I found out my company offers VPI as a benefit it was an easy decision," said Mike. "I would hate to see anything happen to him, but at least I would know I'm covered. $30 to $45 a month is worth it for that peace of mind." And if all that isn't enough awesome, Captain Awesome's full registered name is Captain Awesome Tyberius Skywalker Cady.

Mike Cady
VPI Policyholder Since 2010

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