Agent 99


As her name may imply, Agent 99 is not your average pooch. With more than 800 hours of professional training, the Labrador retriever is actually a certified investigator, specializing in mold detection. Although owner Brad Prill, of Wildomar, California, initially got Agent 99 for his industrial safety consulting business, she quickly became much more than just a detection dog. “She goes with me everywhere, whether we’re working or not,” said Brad.

Named after a character in the 1960’s series Get Smart, Agent 99 is able to identify 18 different types of molds with a 99 percent accuracy rate. She works with her owner who is specifically trained as a K-9 handler for mold detection dogs. Regardless of whether they are at work or play, Brad does everything he can to keep Agent 99 healthy, including having pet insurance. “We’re out in the field a lot and I do everything I can to minimize her risk,” said Brad, “But it’s important for me to have pet insurance, in case anything serious ever happened. It would break my heart if I couldn’t take care of her.”

Bradley Prill
VPI Policyholder since 2007

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