Weow Weow

Weow Weow

Ask a 3-year-old to name your new pet, and you might end up shouting something like, “Weow Weow” across the yard. That’s exactly what happened to Margarita Ferguson when she adopted kittens for each of her sons. “My youngest thought it was the sound that cats make,” said Margarita. “We tried to get him to consider other names, but he simply wouldn’t hear it. Weow Weow was it.”

Despite the Fergusons initial resistance, it wasn’t long before they grew fond of the name—and the reactions they get because of it. “People think that it’s odd, but they get a kick out of it,” said Margarita. “It’s something fun that we all enjoy and it makes great conversation piece.”

According to Margarita, “Weow Weow” sounds more like “Woo Woo” when said fast, which is often necessary if the uniquely-named feline is getting into things. “Weow Weow is a very loving cat but often follows in the footsteps of his trouble-maker brother, Sparky,” said Margarita, a factor that lead her to consider buying pet insurance. “Anything can go wrong with these two cats. I got them for our kids and I don’t want to see their hearts broken because we couldn’t take proper care of them,” she explained. “The way I look at it is that we have taken them out of their natural habitat, so we need to treat them with respect and care. Having VPI Pet Insurance is the best way for us to do that.”

Margarita Ferguson
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