Sir Maui Senqkey Schwykle

Sir Maui Senqkey Schwykle

Research may indicate that monosyllabic words are easy for pets to identify as their names, but Sir Maui Senqkey Schwykle knows exactly what it means when he hears all seven syllables of his. “He’s kind of like a child in that way,” joked Maui’s owner, Jean Schwindt of Virginia Beach, VA. “If he hears his full name, he knows he’s in trouble.”

Although Sir Maui may act like a kid at times, Jean isn’t keen on the latest trend of giving people names to pets. “I adopted my other dog from the local shelter where they had named him ‘Jacques,’” Jean explained. “But when he looked at me, I felt like I could read his eyes. His name was Merte. The dogs I’ve had have pretty much named themselves.”

While selecting monikers for her four-legged family members may be easy, Jean knows all too well that caring for them is no simple task. “Merte had a heart condition and passed away recently,” Jean said. “When I found out that he had only about a month left, I knew I had to do whatever I could to keep him comfortable until he was ready.” According to Jean, she was willing to exhaust all avenues to give Merte the best care in his final weeks. “I love my animals,” said Jean. “I got VPI Pet Insurance because I wanted to make sure they were always taken care of. I did everything I could for Merte, and I would do it again.”

Jean Schwindt
VPI Policyholder since 2000

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