What’s a schnickelfritz? Webster’s New College Dictionary won’t tell you, but Jeff Rich of Avondale, Ariz., certainly will. “Schnickelfritz is an old name that’s been used over the years in the same fashion as ‘John Doe’,” Jeff explained. It’s also the name of his 1-year-old, mixed-breed cat.

“We were going to name him ‘Fritz,’ which was the name of a mouse in the 1950s movie, ‘Stalag 17,’” said Jeff. “But he answers to ‘Schnickelfritz’ and it just seems to fit his personality.” So, “Schnickelfritz” schtuck and has proven to be the perfect addition to Jeff’s extensive family of oddly named pets, which includes: Mootzie, Moochie, Munchie, Baba Ganoush and Tchotchke.

Jeff and his wife have welcomed many rescued pets into their home over the years, giving them more than just an opportunity to come up with creative names—it’s also taught them to be responsible owners. “All of our pets are rescued or adopted and we’ve always felt VPI Pet Insurance was a must,” said Jeff. “That way, if something happens, we know we have help. VPI has been great over the years.”

Jeff Rich
VPI Policyholder Since 2004

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