Pico de Gato

Pico de Gato

Looking to spice things up around their San Diego home, Vincent and Caroline Rye decided to welcome a second cat. “The name of our first cat is ‘Mu,’ named after a kitten’s meow and the Greek symbol utilized in science as ‘micro,’” explained Caroline. “When we met our second cat, he was six weeks old and smaller than Mu. Naturally, we looked for names that represented objects smaller than micro. While throwing around some of these names, we came across Pico.”

Given the Ryes’ locale, the couple is privy to plenty of Mexican food. “We couldn’t help but notice how ‘Pico’ could easily be turned into ‘Pico de Gato,’” added Caroline. “[It sounds] similar to the zesty topping, Pico de Gallo, but obviously more aptly named since gato is Spanish for cat.” According to Pico’s owners, not everyone understands the play on words, but they get a few chuckles and smiles from those who do.

Fittingly named for his size, Pico de Gato’s food-inspired moniker is appropriate for another reason: he loves people food. “One time, it was very early in the morning when we heard a rustling in the kitchen,” confessed Caroline. “Wiping the sleep from our eyes, we were greeted with the site of Pico de Gato digging head first into what was once a sealed box of donuts. When we pulled him off the counter, his head emerged from the box with a mini donut lodged in his teeth.”

With such an unpredictable appetite, the Ryes are comforted by their decision to purchase pet insurance for Pico and Mu. “We’ve always believe in the saying, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’” said Caroline. “The cost of veterinary bills can run rather steep and to offset the cost, VPI Pet Insurance is worth the comfort and peace of mind.”

Vincent and Caroline Rye
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