Kitty Gaga

Kitty Gaga

Keane Slagle of Huntington Beach, California, had been working in the veterinary field for nearly 10 years when she came across a cat that was unlike any she had ever encountered. “She has very unique colors,” said Keane. “I’ve never seen her colors on one cat before, and the markings on her face make her look like she’s wearing really bold eye makeup.” It was clear to Keane that only one name would do justice to her cat’s distinctive “fashion” and eye makeup: “Kitty Gaga.”

“People laugh and think it’s cute when we tell them her name,” said Keane. “It’s so fitting for her. She’ll even give us these blank stares that we call her poker face.” According to Keane, Kitty Gaga is a very active feline that loves to play fetch and chase her tail.

Given Keane’s background in the industry, no time was wasted purchasing insurance for Kitty Gaga. “Working in the vet field, I see how important it is to have pet insurance and how much it really does help,” said Keane. “Veterinary medicine can be very expensive.”

Keane Slagle
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