When Ellie Irons of Brooklyn, NY, was a little girl, she struggled with the pronunciation of “zebra.” Though she overcame that obstacle years ago, her childhood designation for the striped animal was top of mind when she met her new kitten. “When I saw her stripy belly, the first thing I said was ‘Beefra,’ which was how I used to say ‘zebra’ when I was a kid,” explained Ellie. “I said it right away and it just stuck.”

Beefra’s owners have since bestowed several nicknames upon their domestic shorthaired cat, including “Beefy” and “The Beef,” all of which are appropriate for Beefra who is, according to Ellie, one funny cat. “Beefra is extremely clumsy, which prevents her from climbing up on things,” said Ellie. “She likes to ride on my husband’s shoulders since she can’t get up very high on her own.” Ellie also told us that Beefra has made several attempts to eat their household plants and has a tendency to meow incessantly until someone lets her into the hallway, where she proceeds to just sit.

“My husband and I knew that if something ever happened to Beefra, we would do whatever was required to take care of her,” said Ellie. “It made sense for us to invest ahead of time and get a VPI Pet Insurance policy.”

Ellie Irons
VPI Policyholder Since 2010

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