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Princess Dumptruck

2021 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

A title for a princess … named Dumptruck

Finding the right name for a pet can be a balancing act. Take for example, Princess Dumptruck: “My husband always wanted a dog named Dumptruck,” says dog mom Amanda Fischer-Moore, “but knew that a little girl would be a princess. So, Princess Dumptruck came about.”

Of course, that’s only the half of it, Amanda says. “Her full name is Princess Jalapeño Cheeto Mogwai Fiona Dumptruck. We also call her Chonky Butt, Floofy Girl, Dumper Doo.” It’s a mouthful, but one befitting a big, beautiful pooch. “Dumptruck is a Saint Bernard,” Amanda adds. “She is over a hundred pounds!”

Around the house, Dumptruck delivers when it comes to the cuddles: “She loves her stuffed toys and will bring them to you for her to play. She loves to talk back in little growls and barks. Dump is extremely smart and sensitive. She does not like being in trouble,” Amanda says.

The Fischer-Moore family wanted to do everything they could to protect their “little” girl, so they purchased Nationwide pet insurance. “It was available through my employer!”


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