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2021 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

Reeling in a pet name with a childhood connection

When it came time to adopt a dog into the Brechler family, there was one condition. “My kids and I approached my husband on the idea of getting a dog,” Kathleen Brechler remembers, “and he agreed with one caveat—the dog would have to be the same breed and name of his childhood pet dogs.”

Well, two conditions: Nearly all of his childhood dogs had been smooth fox terriers, and they all had been named after a particular kind of fishing bait. Thus, Porkfrog came into the picture.

Porkfrog ended up being as unique as his name would imply. “He's very smart, maybe a little too smart at times, and can be very stubborn about his opinions … On the other hand, he can be very accommodating, and will tolerate wearing a coat and boots when prepping to walk on a cold snowy day.”

When it came time to protect Porkfrog, the Brechlers wanted coverage that was as one-of-a-kind as their pooch. They went with Nationwide. “I saw that it was affordable, and I know that it could be beneficial to help us keep Porkfrog healthy and happy.”


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