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Motley Chew

2021 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

Hair metal meets dog fur for a pet name that rocks

When dog mom Britney Huey took in a second pup, she wanted to give him a name that rocked. A longtime fan of metal icons Motley Crue, she found just the right pun to kickstart her heart: Motley Chew.

Together with her other canine rocker, Ozzy Pawsborne, Britney has made a statement with her clever name. “People love it and always remember them, even if we only been places once,” she says.

When it comes to protecting Mr. Chew and Ozzy, Britney never second guessed her decision to get pet insurance from Nationwide. It doesn’t hurt that she got a little extra support from her employer. “I want to protect the two best babies in our life right now,” she says.


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