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Holly Picklebone Bonk

2021 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

‘Let the kids pick’

Very often it’s the kids who come up with the wackiest, most fun pet names. Case in point, Holly Picklebone Bonk: “My 4 year old daughter begged me for a dog for 2 years,” says pet mom Xena Hajbeh. “When I asked her what would she name her dog, she said ‘Picklebone.’”

Now, Picklebone already had a name—Holly—that fit her pretty well, so Xena proposed combining the two into one. The result is a wonderfully wacky name that can’t be denied. A friendly and playful pooch, Holly Picklebone is happy to go up to a dog ten-times her size to say hello. “She is not afraid of anything, and she rarely barks,” Xena adds.

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