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Linda From Human Resources

2021 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

Working 9-5 with Linda from Human Resources

When Jesse Southern found Linda from Human Resources living in the ceiling at work, she decided to take her into her home—and into the corporate structure.

According to her mom, Linda from HR is friendly, spunky, smart and oh-so -sweet. “She likes to flirt and play a lot, but has hard boundaries, too,” Jesse says. Her interests outside the office include TV, iPad games, and doing her morning leg stretches.

It’s no surprise that Linda from HR’s unique name has got some attention from friends and co-workers alike. When asked what kind of reactions she gets the most, Jesse says, “Mostly laughs! And suggestions for other pet names like ‘Steve from Sales’ or ‘Jill from Accounting’ … I plan on using these in the future.”


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