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Crunchcat Supreme

2021 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

A pet name that packs the heat

Crunchcat Supreme is a kitty who knows how to spice things up. Named for the drive-thru favorite, Crunchcat was inspired by a fortuitous snack run taken by his mom, Mercedes Miller.

“One day we were eating a couple black-bean crunchwrap supremes from Taco Bell—and inspiration struck,” she recalls. The name, she says, generates two kinds of responses: “A hearty chuckle or complete confusion.” Crunchcat lets those he deems friends call him Crunchy, and fortunately he considers everyone a friend. Floppy and care-free, he loves a good cuddle and is gentle with toddlers and babies. He also has no fear of power drills and will stick by your side during home improvement projects.

Mercedes chose to protect Crunchcat from the unexpected with pet insurance from Nationwide. “I wanted peace of mind if anything were to happen to him,” she says.


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