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Boba Pett

2021 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

A tasty treat from a galaxy far, far away

When it comes to pet names, sometimes two references are better than one. Enter Boba Pett, named for the famed Star Wars bounty hunter and … the tasty Taiwanese café treat. “My wife and I love boba tea and Star Wars, and my wife thought it'd be funny if his middle name was Pett,” says Boba’s dad Frank Kusiak.

Unlike his fictional counterpart, Boba Pett is rather skittish around new people and runs away from any kind of surprising sound. But his parents say he’s also super affectionate and playful, with a couple of tricks up his sleeve: “Sometimes he'll playfully lay on his back wanting you to rub his furry belly,” Frank adds. “But as Admiral Ackbar said, ‘It's a trap!’ and he'll grab your hand and nip your fingers. My wife and I always fall for it.”

Boba’s parents rest easy knowing that their little bounty hunter is protected from the unexpected. “My work offers [Nationwide pet insurance] at a discount. There's peace of mind knowing if something is wrong, difficult decisions are easier knowing they're covered.”


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