Bobcat the Builder

2018 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

Bobcat the Builder

Jennifer Tollar of Newark, California, was on the search for a new kitten when she came across a picture of one she couldn't help but want. Jennifer made the two-hour trek to pick up the 9-week-old kitten she fell in love with, and then turned her attention to naming her new furry family member.

While thinking through names, Jennifer knew that she wanted to choose one that her three-year old son would be able to relate to. Just in that moment of thought, Jennifer heard a familiar song that triggered the perfect name.

"My son is obsessed with the cartoon 'Bob the Builder,' and it happened to be playing while I was thinking of a name," said Jennifer. "It came to me in no time and I decided on naming him Bobcat the Builder. My son was thrilled."

Soon after adopting Bobcat the Builder, he tested positive for feline leukemia virus. Though Bob hasn't slowed down, the family is focused on providing the best veterinary care for their kitty.

Jennifer purchased Nationwide pet insurance for Bobcat the Builder and his sister, Lynxsay Lohan, shortly after bringing them home.

"I've never had pet insurance before, but I'm happy I have it," said Jennifer. "I can visit any licensed veterinarian in the world and Nationwide will provide coverage for eligible veterinary expenses."

Jennifer Tollar
Nationwide member since 2018

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