Pet Olympics

Pets Get Into the Spirit of the Games

Beagle does agility

The Olympics only come around every two years but sporting events for pets happen year round in cities across the country. From frog jumping contests to surfing dogs and pot-bellied pig races, pets prove that they can be both competitive and entertaining.

Pups Catch Waves

For 11 consecutive summers, dogs have been hanging ten at San Diego's Imperial Beach for the annual Unleashed by Petco Surf Dog Competition. Dogs sport surf trunks, doggie wetsuits and bandanas and hit the waves on boards with or without their owners steering at the rear.

Boy and dog surf

On July 30, surfing dogs will paddle into the waves in hopes of nabbing the title of best surfing hound. (Dogs can compete in three categories includes 40 pounds and under, 41 pounds and over as well as a doggie owner team surf duo.) For information on the surfing contest and to see videos of dogs hitting the waves visit the San Diego surf dog event or check out the Unleashed by Petco Surf Dog Competition Facebook page.

Frogs Hop and Pigs Run

The long-standing traditions of county fairs embrace more than deep-fried food and twirling roller coasters and, if you’re lucky, pot-bellied pig races and frog jumping contests.

The Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee is a long-standing tradition that dates back to the early 1800s. This traditional hop attracts frog owners from across Northern California each May to determine whether their green friend can make the biggest leap. The 1986 winner (and standing record holder), Rosie the Ribiter from Santa Clara, Calif., jumped a whopping 21 feet, 53/4 inches. The most recent challenger to get just short of breaking that record was Lisa Can Do from Sacramento, Calif.; the frog jumped 21 feet, 41/4 inches in 2008.

Pot bellied pigs have become popular pets. As well as making intelligent, affectionate and very trainable pets they are also quick on their little hooves. Many county fairs feature pig races daily. You can watch these chubby oinkers in action at the Wisconsin State or Marin County Fair simply by going online.

Sporting events for pets happen year round in cities across the country.

Run Jack Run

Dog jumps through agility course

The Jack Russell Terrier Trials are held each October at Susquehanna State Park in Havre de Grace, Maryland.  Sure, there are the traditional show dog competitions but the real fun for these quick, agile pups is in the racing events.

From the starting line, dogs follow a straight course following a lure on a string controlled by a generator. The first dog into the hay bale at the end is declared the winner. For more fun, dogs can partake in muskrat swimming races, weenie bobbing and even high jump contests.  

Cat Olympics

As many cat owners know, it’s a challenge to get their tiger-like buddies to play with a toy mouse from the pet store let alone participate in some sort of cat contest. In lieu of cat games, some owners opt instead to post photographs of their purring partners participating in more cat-like activities such as Flea Hockey, Mouse Toss, Freestyle Sleeping, Relay Drinking and Bird Watching.

You can submit your cats own unique athletic talent at Cat Olympics or check out special abilities of other cats from across the country.

Let the games begin!

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