Calming Nerves

Simple Tips to Help Calm a Frazzled Pet

Unfamiliar situations or disruptions in your pet’s daily routine can sometimes make your pet feel uneasy. Try these simple tips to help soothe your pet’s frazzled nerves.

  • Make an extra effort to retain as much of your pet’s familiar schedule as possible.
  • Choose specific key phrases to say each time you perform a certain action, so that your pet begins to identify repeated cues and establish a new sense of routine. For example, each time you leave the house, calmly say something like, “Be good.”
  • Stabilize your pet’s routine by feeding meals at the same time each day and incorporating a set daily playtime.
  • Provide stimulating, interactive toys to give your pet a distraction.
  • Play soft music or leave a radio or TV on in the background.

Above all, it’s important to recognize that your pet needs time to adjust. Be patient and give him ample time to regain his bearings.

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